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Original Rock n Roll

Nicky Wilson: Lead Guitar | Vocals.  He had a vision to write some songs just so he could deliver some face - melting guitar solos.

Trees (aka. 'Woman'): Vocals | percussion.  She started writing songs because she couldn't afford therapy.

Sheep Head: Bass Sheep's new bride wanted him out of the house.

Jay: Drums.  Like a puppy; excitable and loud  ("Animal play"!)

Nicky Wilson

The project began during lock down when Nicky Wilson remembered he had a Les Paul and so stepped away from Trees' Yamaha and created the video series

“A riff that makes me stiff” *

on Facebook, to cheer up his friends and followers over lock down.

*(Songs that inspired this are curated into a playlist: 'listen now' button below)

He realised he can still play guitar. He started writing songs. The flood gates opened following the haunting “Nothing Left to Fear” - a tribute to his late friend Foxy.


Foxy Wheels

Our debut album, "Always Been a Joker”; is being remastered and will be re-released soon.


Alongside “Joker” was “The black and White Album” - some songs from Joker but acoustic and occasionally featuring Trees and her acoustic guitar with some finger - picking goodness. Proving that face - melting songs can be just as good stripped back and with a nice cup of tea.

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